Zig_zag series - 2023
The Zig_zag series marks a step forward in my research into parametric patterns projected in different bio-sourced materials and applied to different objects. Providing functional aesthetics, the Zig_zag pattern gives structure to the clay during printing, and produces light and shadow effects when printed in bio-plastic.

The Zig_lamp, a table lamp made from a single bio-sourced material, making it easy to recycle, thanks to its screwless, glue-free assembly principle.
Zig_lamp Small : H 270cm L/l 21cm - 260g 170,8m of PLA Coffee and Wheat
Zig_lamp Large : H 345cm L/l 26cm - 340g 225,4m of PLA Coffee and Wheat

The Zig_zag pattern allows 3d clay printing to create a functional aesthetic, the undulations structure and stabilize the soft clay during printing.
Zig_vase and Zig_cup : White local sandstone and glaze.