Rocks serie - 2022
Research into the technical challenge of reproducing organic forms from living organisms. Collection and experimentation project in progress.
Tube_series - 2022
Inventory project of patterns in 3D ceramic printing. Projection of research in ceramic printing and colored enamel on finished products. Available on the shop.
Workshop Drawing_Gcode - 2022
Workshops with children from 6 to 17 years old. Generation of .gcode files by hand drawing the toolpath, layer by layer.

Ateliers avec des enfants de 6 à 17 ans. Génération de fichiers .gcode en dessinant à la main le parcours de l'outil, couches par couches.
KRF - Grand Feux 2021
Wood-firing of 3D printed ceramics during the Grand Feux 2021 at La Borne, a digital craft experience

Impression 3D céramique, cuisson au feu de bois pendant les Grand Feux 2021 à la Borne, expérience d'un artisanat numérique.