Renewal Exhibition - Brussels Design September 2023
Designing for Conscious Lifestyles: Examining how design solutions can support and inspire conscious living, fostering mindfulness practices, a deeper connection with nature, and sustainable habits. Exploring the role of conscious awareness in transitioning from a linear economic model to a circular economy, emphasizing resource efficiency and waste reduction. At "Renewal," we provide a space for knowledge sharing and encourage meaningful connections among designers, studios, material experts, eco-consulting businesses and manufacturers. The exhibition promotes a journey where materials serve as the foundation for designing objects with intention and purpose. Exploring the boundless potential of waste, offcuts, biobased, and recycled materials, and creating a future where respect for materials and durable design are at the forefront of conscious living.

Set in a variety of materials, the "Zig_zag" series represents a step forward in algorithmic research into patterns and textures for the 3D printing of sustainable materials such as biosourced clays and plastics. Presented both as printed stoneware vases and as table lamps, the zig_zag pattern produces a variety of effects. These alternating undulations create an earthy structure during printing, while playing with light and transparency when printed in biosourced plastic.

"Zig_light" 3D printing, PLA Coffee and Wheat (Francofil)
"Zig_vases" 3D printing, local stoneware (Région Centre, France).
"Zig_cup" 3D printing, local stoneware (Région Centre, France).

Renewal Event